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The justice process

What you should expect to happen, and who you will meet, from reporting a crime until after a trial.

About the justice process


You might be able to claim compensation or apply for benefit payments if you have been affected by a crime.

What you need to know

Make a complaint

You can complain if you’re unhappy with the way you’re treated by any service that’s supporting you after a crime.

How and where to complain

I am a victim: some common cases

I've been physically attacked

If you have been attacked, even without a weapon, then this can cause a lot of shock and distress. You can get emotional support to deal with this, and get you ready to give evidence safely.

If you were attacked

I am under 18 and a victim

The Victims' Code says under 18s should get special support for giving evidence. This might mean help within the court, like video links, or special helplines to give you support after the crime.

More on child victims

I'm a relative of a victim

If you are trying to help a relative, have been personally affected by the death in the family, or were a witness to a crime involving a relative, find out what support is available.

Support for relatives

I've experienced domestic violence

The Victims' Code helps you give evidence in court without intimidation, and make sure the sentence is appropriate. Many specialist helplines are available.

More on domestic violence

I've been sexually assaulted

If you have been raped or survived a sexual assault, there is a lot of support available to help you recover and give evidence safely.

Get rape support

Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour, such as noise or vandalism, can be very troubling. It can also develop over a very long time.

Get practical help

I've been stalked or harrassed

The Victims' Code outlines the support you should get so you can give evidence in court without intimidation. Your Victim's Personal Statement may affect sentencing or parole. There are also national and local helplines.

Stalking and Harrassment

I've been burgled or robbed

This can be very distressing, but getting a crime number so you can make an insurance claim is the first step in recovery. If the crime has affected your ability to work, a Victim's Personal Statement may influence sentencing.

Support for Burglary or Robbery

Hate crime or repeat crime

If you are often the victim of the same crime then you can get special support to help you give evidence. The Victims' Code outlines the support you should get so you can give evidence in court without intimidation.

Stalking and Harrassment

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